Back Injury Compensation Claims

If you need to claim compensation for a back injury we can help. We are expert solicitors in back injury claims and have successfully obtained the maximum available injury compensation for many satisfied clients.

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Can I make a Back Injury Claim?

Many people believe that compensation for back injuries is only made in severe cases where someone has broken or damaged their spine. While we deal with serious spinal cord injuries, more commonly back injury compensation claims are made for less severe conditions such as:

  • Ruptured, prolapsed or herniated discs (a slipped disc)
  • Cracked or fractured vertebrae
  • Muscular strain or spasm
  • Damage to Latissimus dorsi muscle (commonly known as the 'lats')
  • Damage to Trapezius muscle (area around the shoulder blades)

How we handle a Back Injury Claim

Most lower back injuries at work occur through lifting, and an employer has a duty to provide training to employees who are required to lift large or heavy objects. If proper training has not been provided then the employee may be eligible to make a back injury compensation claim.

Many other back injury claims arise from road traffic accidents where the impact was to the side or rear of the vehicle.

As specialists in back injury compensation claims we'll work closely with medical professionals to meticulously define the status of your injury. By obtaining a medical report we can determine how your injury will develop and what your future medical and treatment needs will be.

Dealing with financial losses after an accident

In a back injury claim your first consideration is likely to be about funding any medical treatment. But of course, that's not all...

  • Many of our back injury clients find themselves off of work for some time. We see it as a priority to establish financial stability for anyone making an injury compensation claim who may suffer a loss of earnings.
  • If your injuries are serious your claim may have to cover long-term support services, adaptation of your home, the provision of a wheelchair and the cost of a suitable new vehicle.

Spinal Injuries Association Partner

The Spinal Injuries Association (SIA) is an established charity that provides assistance and support to individuals who have been affected by spine and back related injuries.

Spencers Solicitors have been a SIA corporate partner for over five years and are experienced in securing compensation for all types of back injuries.

For further information about SIA and the support they provide please visit

As specialist back injury solicitors we regularly gain maximum compensation awards for our clients. We look very carefully at your back injury compensation claim, seeing the bigger picture and including everything you are entitled to claim for.

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If you're worried about having to pay legal fees if you lose, don't be. Claims are normally dealt with under a no win no fee arrangement, so if your claim doesn't succeed you won't pay for our work. For more information please read our no win no fee information page.

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