Non Fault Accident Claim

If you're looking to make a claim for an accident that wasn't your fault we can help. We're expert in all manner of accident and personal injury claims and have successfully obtained the maximum available personal injury compensation for thousands of satisfied clients.

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Non fault claims and no fault accident claims

In the experience of our personal injury solicitors people tend to look at non fault accident claims in one of two ways: it was no fault of yours and somebody else is clearly to blame, or it initially appears that no one is directly at fault.

It was no fault of yours and somebody else is clearly to blame

If your accident claim fits in this category we probably have a specific page dealing with the sort of thing that has happened to you. Please use the menu under 'Personal Injury Claims' to find the right service or contact us for advice.

It appears that no one is at fault and was just an accident

Following your injury, you may have searched for help to make a no fault compensation claim but it looks as if that no one is actually to blame. While you may think that your injury was just a freak accident, it may have been contributed to by the negligence of another. For example if you are injured on a public footpath or highway, the local council have a responsibility to ensure that these areas are safe for use etc.

We help a lot of people who come to us to with this type of query and can quickly investigate your options and provide advice.

What to do after an accident not your fault?

The first thing to do is seek immediate medical attention for your injuries. If your accident occurred on the road contact the police to assist in making the area safe and to help with recovery. If your accident occurred in a public place (such as a shopping centre), ensure customer services are informed to deal with the potential hazard. Then seek specialist legal advice on if you can make a non fault accident claim for your injury.

When a claim for accident compensation doesn't fit one of our specific accident or injury advice pages, don't despair; we're always ready to see if we can help you.

No Fault Car Accident Claims

You were involved in a collision with another vehicle; you may believe that it was simply an accident: neither you nor the other driver is to blame and you both feel that way. However it's still worth talking to us as we have a great deal of experience in establishing liability following a road accident and if you've been injured you deserve compensation if the other driver can be shown to have been at any fault.

Your accident may have also been due to poor road maintenance which may be a failing on the part of the local authority.

Visit our road accident claims page and tell us about what has happened, we can provide you with non-fault car accident advice and let you know whether you can make a claim.

No Fault Fall Claims

If you trip and fall in a shopping centre, entertainment venue or any other privately owned premises, the owner of those premises may have a responsibility for your care. Sometimes it can be very difficult to establish if anyone is to blame for a fall, but we're expert in doing just that, which is why you should talk to us about what happened. Contact us for a free, no obligation chat, or visit our slip, trip and fall claim page.

No Fault Claims that may be Criminal Injury

In some criminal injury claims your assailant was unknown and remains unknown. The attack was no fault of your own, someone is clearly to blame, but no one knows who that is. You probably feel stuck, but it can still be possible to make a criminal injury claim, or claim assault compensation. We'll also be able to tell you about the different fee arrangements that can apply to this sort of claim.

Injured due to no fault of your own?

You may have the right to compensation. If you are in any doubt, ask: contact us today, tell us what has happened and we'll be able to tell you whether or not you will be able to make a compensation claim.

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