Accidents in Public Places

If you've had an accident in a public place due to no fault of your own, we can help you get reparation and compensation.

As a leading firm of accident claim solicitors we handle thousands of personal injury compensation claims every year. We can help with a range of different types of public accident claims and secure the injury compensation you deserve.

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Claims for Accidents in a Public Place

We offer no obligation legal advice on if whether you can make a claim for your public place accident.

Shop Front

Supermarket Compensation Claims

Supermarkets and shopping centres can be extremely busy environments and injuries can occur through a wide range of circumstances, when visiting them.

Football Field

Sports Injury Compensation Claims

Sports and exercise are normally associated with keeping fit and healthy. However, when proper precautions and procedures are not in place, sports and sporting events can be the cause of a wide range of injuries.

Rider on Horse

Horse Riding Accidents

Horse riding is a very popular pastime, with more than a million people in the UK regularly enjoying the activity.

Dog Restricted Area

Dog Bite Compensation Claims

Dog owners have a responsibility to ensure their dogs are kept under control and don't pose a threat to the public. If you've been bitten by a dog, contact us and tell us about what happened. It's likely we will be able to help you pursue a Dog Bite Compensation claim.

Busy Pedestrian Crossing

Pedestrian Accident Claim

People traveling on foot are some of the most vulnerable of road users, and if a vehicle collides with a pedestrian the injuries are often life threatening.

Dining Table

Restaurant Accident Compensation Claim

Public House Bar

Pub / Bar Accident Compensation Claim

Gym Equipment in Use

Gym Accident Compensation Claim

Swimming Pool

Swimming Accident Compensation Claim

Music Festival Crowd

Festival or Public Event Compensation Claim

Can I Claim for an Accident in a Public Place?

If someone is at fault, has been negligent, or in some other way is to blame for what has happened to you, you may well be able to make a successful accident compensation claim.

Park Bench

Accidents in Public Places

Shop and Restaurant owners have a responsibility to ensure spillages and hazardous items are managed properly and promptly to avoid the public slipping or being injured. Gym and Leisure Centre owners have a responsibility to ensure equipment is fully maintained and safe for your use.

Police Investigation Scene

Claims for Assault Compensation

People have a duty to act in a reasonable manner even when under the influence of alcohol. If you have been the victim of an assault or a physical attack, compensation will help with the cost of any medical care that may be required as well as compensate you for the injury that you have suffered. If you are unable to make a civil claim for compensation against the person who attacked you (for example because they fled the scene and have not been found), you may still be able to claim under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme.

Injured by a needle or other sharp object?

A needle stick injury is where the skin is accidently pierced by a needle or other sharp object. As well as the initial wound, needle stick injuries can also lead to infection by various blood borne diseases such as the hepatitis virus.

While the risk of a needle stick injury is higher in places such as hospitals or health centres, injury can still occur in many other places including those accessible to the public. In addition, anyone whose job it is to handle refuse, waste disposal or who undertakes cleaning duties has the potential to be injured by sharp objects if they are not provided with the correct safety equipment.

I've been injured in a Public Place, what can I claim for?

We always cover the two main aspects of a compensation claim in detail: we seek damages in relation to your injury, and we seek remuneration for your financial losses. This gives you a comprehensive public liability compensation claim that will do what you really need it to do. We won't do a quick fix claim that leaves you exposed to future difficulties - we do things properly and always in your best interests.

What we'll do for you after your Accident

When we handle accident claims we offer as much support as we can, and we'll do our utmost to help you while your accident compensation claim is processed and you're on the road to recovery. Our philosophy is simple: as specialist accident solicitors what we do is about you, looking after you and your best interests, without fail, every step of the way.

We're keen to help you make a successful public accident claim and firmly believe that talking to us will be the first step in securing the accident compensation you deserve.

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