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Asbestos in Schools

Life-threatening asbestos is more prevalent in the UK than anywhere else in the world. It is time for a national plan to be established to remove every fibre of this cancerous insulation from our schools.

Spencers Solicitors continues to support the need for government action on asbestos eradication, as the devastating facts speak for themselves:

Asbestos in Schools infographic

How can you help?

Just share the infographic above to spread the word and help us generate so much noise about asbestos that it becomes impossible for the government to ignore – like it has been for so many years.

Asbestos in Schools: Policy Review 2015

The Government's long awaited and eight months overdue review of Management of Asbestos in Schools was finally published in March. While publication of the review's findings is a step in the right direction, more needs to be done to introduce long term strategies to eradicate asbestos from all our schools. The Government is still unaware of the extent, type and condition of asbestos in UK schools and this review has made little progress in remedying this situation.


Every parent has a right to be made aware of how dangerous asbestos can be and just how much of it still resides in British schools.

If you have any questions about asbestos or want to study real life cases, please review the information at www.asbestosexposureschools.co.uk. The website has been designed to bring as much information about asbestos to the surface as possible - something the government has failed to do so far.

You can review all the latest news on asbestos in schools there, including a very detailed account of how Mr Michael Lees approached the House of Commons over the issue, following the passing of his wife due to asbestos cancer (mesothelioma).

Spencers Solicitors supported Mr Michael Lees and also submitted evidence to the House of Commons. You can find more about our involvement in our blog post

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